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I am Melissa Nelson, owner of Fabuless Fashions and Red Sofa Company. I love Fashion and Interior Design and find that my talents in the two trend setting vocations is where I find myself the happiest. I believe that you can look like a million dollars without spending a million dollars.I also am a firm believer that when you look and feel your best, the better you always presents its true self. So, join me, if you love to save money, but love to look good, then this is the spot for you. I do it for your homes, so why not for your wardrobe as well! I am in business for women and I am here to help feel confident and I hope you go out and pursue the talents that you have been given, in a killer outfit by FABULESS!

Check out our online shopping store at - I pride myself in finding unique, designer finds that I can barter for so, we all can get FABULESS deals on clothing that is HOT!

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